Hogfish Bus

The Hogfish Bus is FREE to ride and runs from the starting point at the Hogfish at 1920 E Sherman Ave in Coeur d’Alene, stopping en route around various bars and clubs throughout Coeur d’Alene near Sherman Ave for about ten minutes each stop, revisiting each location every 70 minutes or so.

Have a quick shot and get back on the Bus, bring your drink, or stay and wait for the next loop. The Hogfish Bus ends back up right here at the end of the evening.

Below is the schedule and days of when the Bus is out and about, along with a GPS map in REAL TIME of where you can find it!

THURSDAY – from 9pm to 1am
FRIDAY – from 9pm to 1pm
SATURDAY – from 9pm to 1am

Don’t risk drinking and driving, ride safely with us!

DOs and DON’Ts!

DO: Have fun! Make new friends, meet new people!

DON’T: Bring underage friends, pets, or anything illegal.

DO: Take your drinks with you on the Bus!

DON’T: Distract the driver! He is there to keep everyone safe. Think of it as a Cruise Bus, NOT your private party bus.

DO: THANK the driver, when he’s parked. And it’s not expected, but maybe tip the guy. His name is Jerry and he’s pretty cool!

AND NOT THAT IT EVEN NEEDS TO BE STATED: But ABSOLUTELY NO fighting, yelling, harassing, or rude behavior on the Bus. If you can’t handle yourself, you will either be ejected or left behind. We claim NO responsibility for any individual on the Hogfish Bus, their belongings, property or otherwise. But this is Coeur d’Alene and the Hogfish crowd is awesome, but hey, a legal disclaimer had to go somewhere. Just be kind and have fun!